Inj!n revs at RJR

August 18, 2017
Captain Kidd demonstrates how to make the perfect Inj!n cocktail before the Media Mix Off.
Oral Tracey focuses as he makes a mega mix with Inj!n.
'The Maverick' Oral Tracey celebrates his win.
Derrick Wilks (left) accepts a token of appreciation from Nathan Nelms, assistant brand manager for stouts and Malta at Red Stripe.

The ultimate showdown of TV wersus radio went down recently, as Oral Tracey and Derrick Wilks tried their hands at bar mixology in the Inj!n Media Mix Off.

Inj!n is the newest innovation from Red Stripe. It blends the flavours of sarsaparilla, ginseng and other herbs to make an appealing bitters option.

Tracey took the title for TVJ, presenting three new Inj!n cocktails the Mild Maverick, Maverick and Mega Maverick.

"Derrick Wilks had two good cocktails and one that was kind of shaky, but Oral Tracey really delivered three solid mixes," said professional mixologist Captain Kidd, who served as a guest judge.

Tracey walked away with bragging rights and a recipe guide to navigate more mixes with the new offering.

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