Spotlight banks on 'Annie' for comeback

August 18, 2017

Dancehall deejay Spotlight Kunta, who is known for the dancehall hit 'Shine Bright', that was released a few years ago, believes that he has struck gold with his latest release, 'Annie', that was produced by independent label Cornelius Records.

"Annie is definitely a hit. The hook is infectious, and the dancehall girls a work with the song, which has taken over the airwaves, both locally and internationally. In fact, the people are responding well, so we have decided to shoot a video for the song this month," he said.

He said he has broken ground with his own unique sound.

"Spotlight Kunta can be easily identified and brings the vibe and style demanded from the people. Spotlight Kunta is exceptional and creative; an artiste who truly knows what he is about and what is expected of him as an artiste," he said.

Meanwhile, Spotlight Kunta is still overwhelmed by the magnitude of the crowd support he got during his debut performance at Reggae Sumfest at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay recently.

"It was a great experience for me. I went up there with my dancers and gave the patrons clear delivery and maximum energy. They sang along with me on King and Queen, and the great thing is that my performance was broadcast over the radio, so it has given me a big push in the streets. and on social media. I won over new fans," the lanky artiste said.

The artiste, whose given name is Stennett Harris, has been doing music for over 15 years. Raised in the rural countryside of Linstead, St Catherine, he migrated to the US, where he is now a citizen, but continued to pursue his ambitions in music while holding down a steady job. One of his most notable achievements of his early career was the song Guinness, produced by Chester Walker, which spearheaded an ad campaign for the popular stout in Jamaica.

Spotlight Kunta plans to spend an extended time in Jamaica to push his career after the huge boost provided by his Reggae Sumfest debut. To this end, he has recorded a battery of new singles, including Kunta Bounce, featuring Elephant Man, King and Queen (Need Money) and the racy Annie, produced by Cornelius Daley of Cornelius Records, which is on the 'Ruler' rhythm.

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