Revalation Da Royal sings for unity

August 19, 2017
Revalation Da Royal

International reggae artiste Revalation Da Royal is encouraging love and unity through his new single Gather Around.

As a youth growing up in the Virgin Islands, the studio became a natural place for him to use life experiences to foster the content of his music.

"Since I released the song, it is being received like food for the hungry; we need more songs of righteousness and reality within the industry so we can relate to each other more. I believe positive music brings forth positive energy and as an entertainer, it is a part of my job to lead the nation down a positive road," he said.

The video was released on August 1 and has been getting a positive feedback from listeners and viewers worldwide.

The artiste is currently working on an album. Among his other releases are Serious Matters, Self Esteem, Live It Upright, and You Are Someone'.

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