A COLE WORL': Hail the magnificent six

August 21, 2017

Oh my gosh, who read the story in The Sunday Gleaner yesterday about the six policemen from the Kingston Eastern Police Division who braved adverse conditions and assisted a lady, only for her to die in the hospital?

What a thing though eeh? Gunmen kick-off har door and all of her three sons run gone lef har. Mind you, dem couldn't lif har up enuh, because based on what I read, she was somewhat overweight.

But with all that said, yuh woulda run lef mummy? Not one a dem fe stan up and try beg it out? Tears filled my eyes yesterday when I was reading the article, a swear, especially mi lef eye. Yuh see the part where she say, 'Officer, I don't want you to hurt unnuh self. If unnuh can't manage me at least me know seh me dead with a few gentleman who try fi save me life', 'cause me three son run gone left me."

That part had me feeling all kinds of emotions, tears started rolling down my face again like I had just opened my light bill. It is so sad. I know that her sons might not have had any defence against those high-powered weapons more than the Word of God, but it is clear their faith wasn't as strong that day as their mother's. 

You know, with all that is taking place with respect to the Commission or Enquiry, it is times like these that we ought to be thankful for brave and dedicated officers like those six from the Kingston Eastern Police Division.

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