I-Octane inks management, recording deals

August 22, 2017

International recording artiste I-Octane has signed a contract with Miami-based management company, Beautiful People MGT (BPM), and a recording deal with San Francisco-based label Independent Distribution Collective (IDC). The signing with IDC is in preparation for his highly anticipated 2018 album.

Fans of I-Octane have been clamouring for a full-length anthology since his 2014 hit-filled My Journey made its way to No. 4 on the Billboard Reggae Chart. And the artiste has every intention to fulfil these wishes.

"After being in music professionally for over 12 years now, I have grown, and I have learnt a lot along the way. I did two albums, and they were both very similar. It was social commentary, more one-drop-oriented. This album has a lot of different things on it," I-Octane said.




"It is a more versatile I-Octane. It's more grown. I expect a lot of mileage from this album. I'm going to go to places where I've never been before through this album. Different sides of Octane, different vocal range, different sound. This is a totally different I-Octane, but the essence is me a grown me."

Fresh from inking with his new management, the first order of the day for BPM was securing distribution with a reputable company.

"As a fan of reggae music, I-Octane has steadily remained on my playlist, so joining his close-knit team was a honour. Our vision is similar, and our aim the same, so to find a company who would match our goal became a priority. To take the brand that is I-Octane to the four corners of the world," said W. Morgan, CEO and founder of Beautiful People MGT.

Speaking on joining the IDC family, I-Octane said: "IDC is a great accomplishment. Big up my management team. This is big for me as an independent artiste. To know that we have IDC on this project, not only for the global distribution, but supporting us in all the marketing, promoting and also pushing us."

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