Pool party sex video angers entertainment industry

August 22, 2017
Steve McGregor

Some music industry players are expressing shock and disgust at a video that has been circulating on social media featuring a couple having sex at a pool party to Dexta Daps' 'Owner'.

In the video, the man, who is wearing a condom, receives oral sex from the woman, while the selector encourages the act.

The selector then instructs the couple to indulge in sexual intercourse, to which they oblige.

It is uncertain which pool party the incident took place at or which selector was playing.

Gospel artiste Jabez said that the standard of society has deteriorated and that he didn't blame dancehall.




"Society has lost its morals and values in this country. I mean, people have a freedom to do what they want to do, but Jamaica needs to repent. If this is what we are teaching the new generation, then we are lost," he said.

The artiste believes that there should be a filter for the music industry.

"We can't allow it to be a free-for-all. I am praying for Jamaica, but prayer alone can't help if the people don't want to change. I am saddened because the people have turned their backs on morality and we have become a place of freakiness," he said.

Legendary selector Ricky Trooper said the footage was not a reflection of dancehall. He said slackness is not profitable if one wants a lasting career in music.

"I saw the video, and I don't know the event nor the selector, but I have no love for them became dem a mash up the hard work we put in to make dancehall what it is. That is not dancehall. That is 'pornhall'. Internationally, that is not good for the thing. Remember, dancehall was created for promotion because radio never used to play wi music, and to see the youth treat it like this pains my heart," he said.

The controversial selector, who recently played at Gel Festival in Europe, believes that sexual boundaries are being pushed too far.

"This is dirty and the lowest the music has been. Dem can't do that at my event either ... mi not even put certain songs on my computer like Ishawna song because a nuh sex mi a sell, a reggae music. Dem slack music can't pass airport, and when dem go overseas, a club them perform," he said.

THE STAR contacted Senior Superintendent of Police Steve McGregor, who is in charge of the Community Safety and Security Branch. He said that indecent exposure is a serious offence.

"When you apply for a Noise Abatement Act permit, it is there in the fine print to say you are not allowed to do these things. Failure to adhere will see the owner of the premises, the person playing the music, and the promoter being persecuted. But most times, they don't read the permit once it is approved," he said.

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