Keep your personal life personal - psychologist

August 23, 2017
DJ Spice and Nicholas Lall in happier times.
Dr Patrece Charles

 Psychologist and founder of the Phoenix Counselling Centre, Dr Patrece Charles, is warning parents, particularly those who are public figures, against bringing problems in their personal lives. Charles' advice comes after entertainer Spice took to social media yesterday to air her 'dirty laundry', as she lashed out against her ex-fiance for implying that she was the reason he has been absent from their children's lives for the past two years.

Charles, who said she was unable to comment specifically on Spice's situation, gave general advice as she urged public figures, particularly those with children, to be mindful of their roles as parents and the effect of their actions on social media on the children.

"When parents take their emotions public with no regard to how their child will feel about seeing it, especially when they are public figures, normally what happens is that the child can be affected by what goes on," she said. "Keep your personal life personal. When it comes to raising your child, make it about your child and not about getting back at the other person by using your child."


Social media


On their oldest child's birthday, Spice and her babyfather, Nicholas Lall, used social media to send birthday wishes to their son.

But messages of love and adoration for the child quickly turned sour as Spice seemingly took offence to parts of Lall's post.

In the latter part of his message, Lall hinted that he was being prevented from seeing his children, writing: "They can hide you and prevent us from speaking, but it's only going to be a matter of time, you're getting older."

Spice responded with an expletive-laden post, as she denied hiding the children.

"Who the f**k a hide him from yu dead dog? Him deh a England pan holiday and yu never pick up the phone weh me buy gi yu one day yet and call him," she continued.


Parenting relationship


Spice also claimed that Lall has not been contributing financially to the well-being of his children.

"September dem school fee due again and yu never pay one, so why u no post say yu been a hide from every financial thing inna dem life and yu ago stop hide," she wrote.

This is not the first time that a social media 'cuss- out' has ensued, involving the parenting relationship between Spice and Lall.

In June, the deejay lashed out at fans who scolded her for not sending Father's Day greetings to her babydaddy, but to herself instead.

In the June 18 post, the entertainer patted herself on the shoulder for being both mother and father to her children.

She also posted pictures of all the fathers she adored and Lall was noticeably absent.

A few days later, Lall, in a response, pointed out that he had not seen his children in eight months and had not spoken to them in 10 weeks.

THE STAR was unsuccessful in getting further comments from both the deejay and Lall.

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