Christos DC spreads timeless music through 'Tessera'

August 24, 2017

Christos DC set out to create a roots reggae album that is unique within the current market and one that has a timeless sound. This is what he achieved with the release of his fourth full-length album, 'Tessera', which literally translates to 'four', in Greek.

In addition, the number four resonates with the building of solid foundations through patience, discipline, and hard work, something he strives for in every aspect of life.

Several years in the making, the 12-track album is distinctly roots reggae, with elements of jazz and world beat.

"My musical style is an expression of who I am and the influences I draw from. I have always had an affinity for music from around the world and a love for a good song regardless of what genre it comes from," he said

Being of Greek background and growing up in Washington, DC, the singer was introduced to reggae from a very early age and fell in love with the genre ever since.

"I got my start playing guitar professionally, first from an artiste named Peter Broggs, and soon afterwards began touring with The Itals and Don Carlos. This led to me becoming a producer and writer, working with some of the best in reggae like Sly & Robbie, Sugar Minott, Akae Beka (Midnite), Harrison Stafford, and many more," Christos DC said, noting that the songs on the album are inspirational.

The album was released on July 28, 2017, via Zojak World Wide and promises to be a fan favourite.

"So far, the feedback has been very positive. I'm very thankful for the great reviews the album has received so far and even the critiques," he said.

Currently, Christos DC is trekking across Europe with Don Carlos and will be performing some of his songs from this album.

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