Excitement reached fever pitch at Summit

August 24, 2017
Hot and sexy Kitty Kat turned heads in this outfit
These bar service ladies were dressed like Hawaiian girls.
Meet the sweet trio of (from left) Siddy, Regina and Tiana.
A sexy duo poses for the camera.
This 'red hot' patron enjoys the musical selections during Smirnoff Summit pool party.
She was in that type of mood.
Jammeek struts her stuff at Smirnoff Summit pool party at Long Lane, in St Andrew on Sunday, August 20.
She dances up a storm.
A member of the Cloud 9 crew shows her approval for a song.
Promoter Shaughn Wright with a hot babe.
The Cloud 9 crew take a couple of puffs.

One of the most highly anticipated pool parties for the summer, Smirnoff Summit, didn't disappoint.

Held on Long Lane, St Andrew, it had energy, vibe and a mixture of controversy that makes life worth living.

Shaughn Wright of Wright One Promotions was a pleased man.

"Since it's inception in August 2015, Summit has satisfied its patrons with good music, succulent finger foods for our VIP guests that keeps them coming back for more," he said.

With the likes of DJ Nicco, DJ Flabba Dabba, Bunco Hilltop and DJ Karim Stainless at the musical consoles, you know the women were in for a treat.

When the 'girl songs' played, the female patrons broke loose near the poolside or in the water to give the party an energy that didn't dilute.

There were segments also for the 'rude boys', and the 'shella dons', who wanted to show their money power while giving 'money pull-ups' to heavy-hitting songs like Aidonia's Yeah Yeah and Crazy and Vybz Kartel and Masicka's Infrared, among others.

The 'gyallis' theme wasn't left out as songs such as Lanz' She Nah Leggo, Aidonia's Dat A Di Ting and Akaline's Extra Lesson increased the 'forwards'.

Wright added: "The juggling was very good and the girls were moving. Other than some outbursts, the event was well received and truly enjoyable.

"For the most part, it was very enjoyable based on the feedback, and the party was 75 per cent female, so the DJs definitely supplied a mixture of high-intensity dancehall, hip hop and soca to ensure they were moving."

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