Barbara Di Barbee gets love from corporate Jamaica

August 25, 2017
Barbara Di Barbee

Popular social media personality Barbara Di Barbee has been featured in Lasco's latest campaign for their brand of iCool water.

The entertainer, who rose to fame via several viral videos, has been enjoying some success as she has been getting endorsements from different organisations. She recently did an ad for Eskay Caterers, and now she has been featured in iCool Wata's Win Big summer promotion.

Barbara, who recently switched management teams because of a fall-out between herself and former associate Pamputtae, says she is grateful for all the opportunities that have come her way, but is particularly happy about the iCool feature.


"I feel so excited and proud about it (the feature). Being around so many new faces and meeting so many different people, I'm happy. I was treated really nicely by the iCool people, and I just give thanks for everything," she said.

"Everybody inna mi community see it now, and so at the end of the day, mi feel good fi know seh people a see mi out there like that. Mi like the views and the feedback weh me a get. Everybody like the look and happy fi me."

Barbara Di Barbee told THE WEEKEND STAR that the deal came about after persons from iCool got in touch with her new manager, Akeem Green, and expressed an interest in having her as part of the ad.

"When dem reach me dem explain wah dem want, and I was excited to be a part of it," she explained. "They gave me a date to come in, discussed business with my manager, and things just went from there. I met them and everybody was so nice to me. Me happy bout everything."

When asked if she got paid for her services, Barbara said yes, but did not disclose the amount. She said she was given a cheque with a sum of money, and explained that the money went a far way with helping her to sort out back-to-school shopping for her children.

"My manager discussed the price with them, and he didn't take anything from it," she said. "When I got that cheque in my hand and went to the bank and changed it, that same day I went and sort out my baby for back to school, so I'm very grateful for the opportunity."

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