DJ Lava eyes hit with 'Real or Fake'

August 25, 2017
DJ Lava

New York-based DJ Lava is on a mission with a 'buzzing' single, 'Real or Fake',

The song is on the popular Car Crash rhythm, produced by True Blue Family Records.

Lava spoke of the inspiration behind Real or Fake.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR, "Me live a New York and weh me live it coming like the land of 'do up'. People criticise it and dem say dem nah dweet and the same mouth weh say no, a dem a dweet now. All when dem do it, dem a say dem nuh do up, but we know dem never stay so. So mi just say alright, me ago do a song, and see it deh, it have the place a way."

Lava said he has been to numerous states and the reception to the song is the same.

"The way di girl dem gwaan, you think is a Kartel song dem hear. DHQ Sher, Curvy Diva and Chiny Unique mek video with it," Lava said.




Also known as 'The Bronx General', Lava is also one of the most sought-after selectors in the Tri-State Area. He wants to follow in the footsteps of Charly Blacks, who was also a selector first.

"Me a try do the two of dem (selector and artiste), but if me see like the artiste thing a tek off a way, mi focus more on that. England hug it up (the song) like a baby. Right now mi a try get it a Jamaica. So far, I get videos of it playing in the dance and it's a good look," he said.

Lava believes his single has made females even more comfortable with going under the knife.

He said, "Everybody start feel comfortable now 'cause, at first, some people did a behave like a crime. I don't have a problem with it, enhance yuhself with your money. It's your pain, but just nuh over-dweet. Some people do-up and yuh nuh know."

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