No breaking up for Marvin and Nickeisha - Couple remains strong amid cheating rumours

August 28, 2017
Marvin The Beast and Nickeisha seem inseparable.
Marvin The Beast and girlfriend Nickeisha.
Marvin The Beast is all smiles beside his girlfriend, DHQ Nickeisha.

Marvin The Beast and his girlfriend DHQ Nickeisha are today dispelling rumours that they were planning to call it quits on their relationship because of infidelity.

A video which began circulating on the weekend is at the root of the break-up rumours, as many have dubbed it a sign that 'The Beast' has another woman besides Nickeisha. In the clip, which was uploaded on Instagram, Marvin can be seen naked in bed, stroking his manhood. The video is rumoured to have been captured by the female with whom the entertainer is having an alleged affair.

However, in an interview with The STAR, The Beast sought to put the cheating allegations to rest, as he revealed that the video was taken long before he and Nickeisha got together. "That is an old video, I didn't even remember about it. That was me a couple years ago, maybe six or so years ago, before me and Nickeisha," he said. "I don't even know how that video get out there. Me never send that video to anyone. I don't know if it was kept after one of my phones got stolen or something, but it's very old."

The entertainer said he believes that the video was released to cause trouble in his new relationship, as shortly after the video began circulating on social media, several gossip websites began reporting that he and his spouse were headed for break-up. "Somebody is trying to set me up. They are trying to get at me with this video. Don't know if they trying to break us up."


Not leaving her man


Whatever the motive, Marvin's woman, Nickeisha couldn't care less. She told The STAR that she is paying no attention to the video or the rumours surrounding it, as she is not leaving her man. "I saw the video and me see say is an old video, maybe five to six years ago. That was before me and him got together. It was a long, long, time ago, so why should I let it affect me," she said. "I'm taking all this like nothing happened. I couldn't care less, I know what I know so anything people wanna say, dem say. I don't know who put out this video; maybe dem wah we fi be apart, but this can never bother our relationship. Dem wah we fi separate, but it's not gonna work."

When asked whether he would be reporting the video to the country's Cybercrimes Unit to have it removed from the Internet, the entertainer said he's going to just leave the rumours and the video to time. "Me not even a look into it. I don't even care because whoever a try set me up, nah go succeed, so me just a leave it."

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