Pepsi organisers seek new venue

August 28, 2017
Imru James (left), brand manager for Stouts and Malta at Red Stripe, takes a photo op with Aidonia moments before his performance at the Pepsi Refresh Tour.

Organisers of the annual Pepsi Refresh Tour are today contemplating a new venue for next year's concert as the event has outgrown its current location.

Now in its third year, the concert, which was held at Pepsi 214 on Spanish Town Road, pulled a bigger crowd than expected, as several hundred patrons flocked the venue from as early as 7 p.m. to witness their favourite entertainers in action.

Overwhelmed by the crowd support, Elizabeth Swaby, brand manager at Pepsi-Cola Jamaica, told The STAR, that based on the response that the concert has been receiving over the years, her team had begun talks of moving the event to a bigger location. She explained that the need for the move was further cemented on Saturday night as the venue was so jam-packed there was little or no space to move around.

We're definitely going to be moving to another venue, one that can hold the expected amount," she said. "Every year we get bigger and bigger. We're always looking for ways we can make the event better for the next year and we always succeed at that.


International act


As it relates to plans for next year, Swaby, being careful not to give away too much, hinted at the organisers possibly bringing an international act next year. She said that with the growth and development of the event, the company wants to continue giving its supporters more each year.

"We plan this show for months and months ahead of the time. In fact, as soon as we are finished with one, we begin the planning for the next one. Selecting the artistes, thinking about how we're going to promote it, how we're going to tie it (the concert) to Pepsi. It's a lot of work, preparation and research," she said. "Already we are thinking about getting some acts outside of Jamaica to perform in the coming years, but whatever we do, our patrons can expect a balance of up-and-coming acts and the hitmakers."

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