Tifa rocks Sabina Park

August 28, 2017
Tifa was awesome and made it clear that Tallawahs are the b-e-s-t, despite the loss to the Trindad and Tobago franchise side.
Bounty Killer
The Hero Super Fan may have thought the game was being played in the Party Stand.
Shauwn Gracey celebrates with Heineken after the Jamaica Tallawahs score a 6 against the Trinidad Knight Riders.
Tony Birbal celebrates the Trinidad Knight Riders victory at the CPL Party Stand 2017.


Tifa had Sabina Park rocking to the Tallawah bounce on Saturday. The vibe she brought to the venue would have energised the home side and help them across the line as they attempted a record Caribbean Premier League chase.

The alcohol-consuming patrons on the Party Stand knew that 209 was going to be a difficult chase, but everything except despair was on their minds when Tifa stepped forward.

The dancehall artiste, who provided the live entertainment at the halfway point, obliged with a high-energy performance, so much that she could not be contained on the designated stage and was allowed to go on to a second stage located by the boundary.

"I was happy to provide the half-time entertainment. It was a lot of fun with people doing the Tallawah bounce and having a great time," she said.

Tifa, although an entertainer and fashionista, is not one who will be caught flat-footed in a cricket conversation. And she likes the idea of being on the Party Stand.

"It is a nice vibe," she said, while adding that "people have dem liquor drinking and watching the match. Music is there for everybody's entertainment."

Disappointed that Jamaica lost, Tifa said that among the positives were that people were able to feast on good music and food while watching a good game.

"I know the Tallawahs will come back bigger and better on Wednesday," she said.




A live performance from some of Jamaica's hottest entertainers has been a feature of the Party Stand for years. On Friday, Bountry Killer got the chance to see the Tallawahs beat the St Lucia Stars. He was his usual angry self as he took the microphone shortly after the Tallawahs beat the St Lucia Stars.

Obviously annoyed that he did not get a chance to perform at the midway point of the game, Bounty opened with an expletive which, instead of causing jaws to drop, ignited wild salutes from the Warlord's fans.

His cameo appearance saw him delivering bone-crushing, anti-gay and anti-oral sex lyrics. The politicians, too were in the firing line as Bounty Killer questioned how Finance Minister Andrew Shaw ran up a phone bill of $8.4 million. And as night follows day, the poor people anthem, Poor People Fed Up, left his angry mouth.

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