Dovey Magnum releases 'Unrated'

September 01, 2017
Dovey Magnum

Social media sensation and recording artiste Dovey Magnum is upbeat about her first EP, titled 'Unrated'.

EP sales have declined since the death of the vinyl industry locally.

However, Dovey Magnum is hoping her raw edge will work in her favour. She also thinks artistes should direct their attention to the foreign market if they want sales.

"I know I am a good artiste and I have an international sound. If we want to improve sales, we have to go after the international market, and with good songs as well as have faith in our work," she said.

Dovey said Jamaican artistes were not only competing among themselves.

"We are competing with the international acts, and music is a business. So like any business, it's all about promotion. The work has to be on point and I feel like if the right platform is set, we can be successful just like the international acts," she said.

Aside from her EP, Dovey is also hoping her sexually charged record, Mi Know Mi Good, will give her the elusive break in the music industry.

The record was produced by Markhize & Tephlon Entertainment.

She said the absence of Lady Saw has left a gap in dancehall, which she is poised to fill.

"I'm bringing back the hardcore juice to the industry for the ladies to take control of their power in the bedroom. The men always been dominating, but things change now and I have some nice sweet songs for the ear and it's not just about sex. I also have social-commentary songs for people that have been through the struggles and are living to survive for their families. My style is way different because I'm different," she said.

Dovey has been getting strong attention in Moscow, England and Spain.

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