Tyrical looking to sell with 'Sexacise'

September 01, 2017

Dancehall artiste Tyrical is getting a lot of love in the streets for his racy release, 'Sexacise'.

The confident singjay is so pleased with the initial response to the single in the clubs and street that he has already, bankrolled a video.

"The response has been phenomenal. Supa Hype is playing it, Fire Links and Stone Love is giving me a big strength. I shot a couple of scenes for the video at Weddy Weddy last week, and we have a couple more scenes to shoot in the Corporate Area this week, and then it will be released soon. They say sex sells, so let's see how far it will take us with this record," he said.

Known for singles such as Waan My Own and Ghetto Prayer, and for writing Bounty Killer's Sufferer, Tyrical has temporarily departed from message-based music for more risque realms with this racy track.

"I am not in a box. I'm just doing art, so you're going to have different paintings some in black and white, some in colours. They are all art, and I love to see the ladies wine, so I hear the rhythm and it spoke to me, and that's what it said," he said, chuckling.

Produced by Canada-based Doraine 'Majik' Page on his Jik Music label, Sexacise was released on July 15 and is already making waves through various dance videos circulating on social media.

The song has injected new life in Tyrical's career.

"Based pon di early buzz in di street, da song ya can make a big impact here and overseas," the 40-year-old artiste said

Tyrical, whose real name is Michael Harris, has excelled as an artiste and songwriter. He co-wrote Mr Vegas's massive hit Heads High. Strongly influenced by the talented but troubled deejay Baby Wayne, who died in 2005, Tyrical has recorded for established labels, including Freddie McGregor's Big Ship and emerging producers such as Sean Seanizzle Reid.

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