Foota Hype threatens legal action - said entertainment show told lies about him

September 06, 2017
Foota Hype


Days after news emerged of a possible defamation lawsuit being filed against Foota Hype for comments he made regarding comedian Quite Perry, the popular selector is today contemplating legal action of his own against popular entertainment show, Nightly Fix.

The selector explained that on Monday, hosts Naro Hart and Arianne 'Ari' Hammond claimed he (Foota Hype) accused comedian Quite Perry of murder in the case of fashion designer Dexta '3D' Pottinger.

The selector said the hosts were irresponsible with their commentary as his statements regarding Perry never once implicated the comedian.

Last week, as news emerged about Pottinger's death, Foota Hype, via a video, called for police to investigate Perry, pointing out that he was the last person he (Foota Hype) saw the deceased communicating with.

Foota Hype said he was not sure if Perry was involved in any wrongdoing but explained that as a law-abiding citizen who wants to aid in the fight against crime, he decided to come forward.

In their commentary, Naro and Ari called Foota Hype a "jackass" and a "flipping idiot" among other things, as they gave their opinions on his comments.

Foota Hype, having heard the full commentary, said he believes he has reasonable grounds to sue as some of the things said on the programme were outright lies.

"What I said (regarding Perry and the deceased Pottinger) is something that I saw. Him (Perry) and Dexter a di last two people me see roun dem one aneda when me go Carib. That's not a lie, that's a fact. You cannot sue people on a fact," he said. "But if dem nuh remove da video deh off a dem site, me ago take serious action against them because dem tell multiple lie pan me. Dem say a whole heap a things weh me never say and weh me never do."

When THE STAR contacted the hosts of Nightly Fix, they scoffed at the idea of legal action.

Naro and Ari admitted that while they might have got a little too emotional in their comments, they do not believe Foota Hype has a case.

"If Foota Hype really wanted to help the situation he would have gone directly to the police with that information. He doesn't even recognise how serious his statements were," Ari said.

"He said his comments didn't implicate Perry but what if it were him and somebody accused him of being a rapist and a child who was last seen in his presence was raped and people pointed him out just for that?" Naro added.

The duo said they will not be giving the selector any more attention by continuing to speak on the matter.

"We understand that he does these things for attention. I'll advise him to stop worrying about us and worry about the potential lawsuit he may be facing or aliens that may abduct him in the future," said Naro.

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