Yellowman is the real King of the Dancehall - American band excited to work with veteran deejay

September 07, 2017
The Dubplates


Chart-riding reggae-dancehall genre benders The Dubplates are cranking up the promotion of their latest album, Box Full of Steel, with the release of a video for the single called 'Uh huh', featuring Yellowman and Papa Robbie.

"We will be stepping up promotions in Jamaica this week, and we are loving the early feedback. We respect Yellowman for the authenticity he brings to reggae and dancehall music. He paved the way in the 1980s for rappers, everybody coming up. He is the real King of the Dancehall," David 'Big Hair' Brisacher, a producer and core member of the band, said.

Earlier this year, the nine-piece reggae band rose to chart-topping heights with their new album, which peaked at number four on the iTunes US Top Albums and number nine on the Billboard Reggae Chart. The band released their album on June 23, and music critics have raved over the set, as the songs have been popping up on radio playlists all over the world.


Amping up promotions


The band, which hails from Charleston, South Carolina, is signed to Chalicetown Records. The band has been amping up promotions stateside as The Dubplates were on air with Sirius XM The Joint and Irie Jam Radio in early August. The Dubplates also performed alongside British Dependency in Long Island Waterfront Park two weeks ago, before rocking out at the Triple S Invitational the largest pro-kiteboarding event worldwide with other artistes like Method Man, Redman, Ky-Mani Marley and Mix Master Mike.

"Last weekend, Daddy Brady and Papa Robbie and I took New York City by storm performing Uh Huh with the true King of Dancehall King, Yellowman, at the Legendary BB Kings in Times Square. It was great and the crowd loved it. We had a hell of a time," Big Hair said.

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