Billboard debut surprises Chevelle Franklyn

September 08, 2017
Gospel artiste Chevelle Franklyn

Gospel singer Chevelle Franklyn now has high expectations for her latest album, 'Set Time', following news that it debuted on the Billboard Reggae Chart earlier this week.

The compilation entered the charts at number 11 and marks the first time in her more than 26-year career that an album from the singer has charted.

In an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, the singer dubbed the achievement as a pleasant surprise as she didn't have any expectation for the album when it was released.

"I got a call that it charted on the Billboard, and for me, that's humbling. Being a music minister, getting on charts is not a priority for me, but it happened, and I'm grateful to God," she said. "The achievement is encouraging of course. Now I'd love for it obviously to go number one, but I'm waiting on it to take its course."




Franklyn told THE WEEKEND STAR that she believes the timing of the album is one of the reasons it has shown such encouraging signs, pointing out that she took great care in preparing for its release.

"Many people thought that I was done with music because they weren't hearing anything from Chevelle, but even though you weren't seeing me much in Jamaica, there were other doors that were opening that I got some platform to build on," she said.

"I can tell you this with all humility that I can record an album within three weeks or less, so the album could have been out a long time ago, but I was just not in any rush. I was going at a pace where God was growing me and maturing me, and when it came out was just the 'set time'."

With two Grammy award-winning artistes featured on Franklyn's album, she explained that she wanted the album to stand out from the get go.

"Donnie McClurkin and Israel Houghton are featured on the album, and you can imagine that to get those people on a project is not easy. The album is just basically about my journey, and while listening to it, you will hear that. There are reggae tracks. There are full-on worship tracks. Whatever you need, you will get it from the album. I am a very versatile artiste vocally, so I can go wherever I chose to go vocally, and that comes out on each track."

Set Time, which is an 18-track compilation, was released on August 25 via Now Records, and is Franklyn's first studio release in more than five years.

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