D-Medz releases 'Muta Boot' under new label

September 08, 2017

D-Medz has released his first self-produced single, 'Muta Boot', under his new label, Highly Medz Entertainment.

Since his departure from EPP Jam Records in recent months, the singer, whose birth name is Dwayne Adams, has shifted gears to focus more on the message behind the music.

"I will not speak badly of my old management, but they have taught me what not to do. I realise I made some mistakes in the business, and forming my own label is part of me rectifying those mistakes," he said. "The music business is bigger than the financial reward, so I will continue to do what I have been blessed to do, but I will also act as a vessel of truth through my own productions."

D-Medz said he doesn't hold back in Muta Boot.

"We call out the politicians, the high-society people, disc jockeys who take payola, the murderers - basically all those people who are playing a role in degrading our culture or causing too much violence," he said. "And anyone who knows D-Medz knows that I stand for peace, unity, and truth. I am from Clarendon, one of the hot-button areas for crime in Jamaica right now, and the youths them angry at the system."

D-Medz said that he is trying to understand the thought processes of those committing the crimes.

"I am on the ground with them, and I try make them understand that taking a life is no way to make a point. If I can get the people and the authorities to understand where the system is excluding these persons and get them to do something about it, then I have played a positive role," he said.

Muta Boot will be available on all major digital music outlets this month.

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