Kevin Downswell records first live album

September 08, 2017
Kevin Downswell performing at Sabina Park for cricket fans last week.

Kevin Downswell has recorded his first live album. The gospel artiste said the desire to be different was one of the reasons he made the decision to deviate from the usual studio recording.

"It's very rarely done where you have a live recording with audience involved and everything, and we did that in July," he said.

"We did over some of the songs that people already know, just to get that live feeling of people being involved in the recording. It's a total different atmosphere."

The album is expected to be released in December, but the first single from the compilation has already been made available. That song, If It's Not You (Live), is available for free streaming exclusively on Deezer Music until September 15.

Deezer Music is one of the world's largest music streaming services. Following the two-week run on Deezer, the single will be made available across all distribution platforms.




"We have an exclusive partnership with Deezer Music, and they will be the only ones streaming the single for two weeks only [from September 1-15]. All you need to do is download the app and you will be able to listen the song free," Downswell said.

The singer said the September release date was strategic as he wanted persons to have something encouraging listening to during the hectic back-to-school season.

"It's almost like a back-to-school gift because we know that in September, with all the back-to-school expenses, people may not have the money to go and buy any music, so we wanted to make this single available free for two weeks."

Meanwhile, Downswell, a son of Westmoreland, said he is in the process of writing a second book. The 36-year-old said that after receiving countless testimonies about how the first book, The Search Continues ... The Journey, helped many persons triumph in hard times, a follow-up became a no brainer.

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