Shut up Ishawna - Danielle D.I. directs diss track at fellow deejay

September 08, 2017
Danielle D.I.

Dancehall artiste Danielle D.I. has released a new track allegedly aimed at controversial dancehall artiste Ishawna.

The song, Talk Up, was released on Wednesday and has been making the rounds on the Internet causing some amount of buzz as fans of both entertainers are waiting to see if Ishawna will respond lyrically.

According to Danielle D.I., known for her hit single Rebel, she decided to record the songs because she has been made aware that the Equal Rights deejay has been taking jabs at her in recent times. She said that she wants to put an end to it by settling all scores lyrically.

"Reliable sources have confirmed that she is being seriously malicious. I will have to come for you and I am going to do so lyrically because these babies can't handle it if things should go any other way," she said.

Despite not necessarily known for her 'war songs', the deejay questioned Ishawna's lyrical capability and skills on the microphone, saying she doubts Ishawna would be brave enough to respond to her song.

"She can't talk up to me on record because she is not articulate enough, she is not lyrical enough and she don't have crap to say either. She will just have to hold her mouth in silence," she said.

THE WEEKEND STAR team contacted Ishawna's team to see if there was any truth to D.I.'s claim, but was told that the issue doesn't warrant a response and, therefore, no comment.

However, following the release of D.I.'s song, many alluded to a post made by Ishawna via her Instagram page.

Following news of the diss track, Ishawna posted a photo of herself with the caption "pressure dem like cow foot".

Although the post made no direct reference to D.I. or her song, many gossip websites pointed to the timing of the post and raised questions about whether it was directed at D.I.

As for critics who feel that Danielle D.I. is trying to piggyback on Ishawna's recent buzz, the former Sly and Robbie protegee stressed that her track has nothing to do with wanting attention, and dubbed Ishawna a "C list celeb".

"If I was doing this for publicity, I would have aimed for the top. If this individual can only get airplay through controversy and was born through controversy, it is clear that this individual is a temporary sensation and not an artiste" she said.

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