YouTube views give Jafrass big boost

September 08, 2017

Notnice Records-signed artiste Jafrass is pleased to hit the three million views mark with a video for the 'Unruly Camp' song, the first time he has accomplished such a feat in his young career.

"Unruly Camp is my most successful track to date. No doubt, the fans love the video, and dem a get familiar with my face and not just my voice. It connect, and mi feel really great that mi hit the three million mark because is a well-put-together song. The rhythm bad and Popcaan have the star power, so it's a great look right now," he said.

The song, which was done by Jafrass, Quada, and Popcaan, continues to enjoy great rotation, both on local and international radio stations and at parties. It has catapulted Jafrass from being an underground artiste to one with commercial clout and mainstream appeal.

Jafrass believes that even though there are concerns about the rising levels of gun crimes, he still believes that artistes have a creative right to continue to use lyrical gunplay and overt violence in their dancehall songs.

"Violent gun songs do have a place in dancehall because music is art, and you have to try to be as creative as possible in order to keep the bread flowing on your table. Artistes have to respond to demand, and a gun song the people dem like, so we haffi give dem wah dem want," he said.

He believes that the Government and civil society should stop trying to blame dancehall music for the endemic violence in the society.

"I think these people need to pay more attention to themselves and their surroundings in order to lower the crime rate instead of fighting dancehall, which is the only thing that's bringing people together in Jamaica right now," Jafrass said, noting that Government's focus should be job creation.

Jafrass has other releases like Wassy, New Ting Fi Bad Mind, Middle Day, and No Yard.

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