Family keeps Victoria Beckham sane

September 11, 2017
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham would be "a bit of a lunatic" without her family.

The 43-year-old fashionista has four children - sons Brooklyn, 18 years old, Romeo, 15, and Cruz, 12, and daughter Harper, six - with her retired soccer star husband David Beckham, and has admitted that without them by her side, she would likely be a "diva".

The former Spice Girls star said: "[I'd] probably have been a bit of lunatic [without my family]. You can't be a diva and you have to keep it real. Back in the Spice Girls days, you'd hear about singers who wanted their dressing rooms filled with certain flowers and packed with white kittens ... good god, it's not the 90s!"

Victoria has also learned a valuable lesson about "success" since becoming a mother and launching her fashion career.




She added: "I've learned that it's not becoming successful that's the trickiest, it's maintaining success."

And the brunette beauty also admitted she is a bit of a "control freak", as she wants to make sure she's the "best" at whatever she does.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "[I do] smile and laugh a lot, [but I am a] control freak. I always want to be the best, whether that's designing an amazing collection or being the best mum, the best wife."

Victoria recently bid her eldest son Brooklyn farewell, as he jetted off to New York City to start his college education in the city, and was "emotional" at the thought of him leaving the nest.

Posting a picture of the pair on Instagram, Victoria wrote: "We are all so proud of you, Brooklyn. Amazing A level results and off to college. We love you so much and will miss you. #yesiamcrying #emotional x (sic)"

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