Jafrass tells Alkaline to come ‘War Mi Nuh’

September 11, 2017

With the long-standing lyrical war between Alkaline and Popcaan, Notnice Records has again released a diss track by Jafrass, another one of the Unruly Camp’s artiste, directed at the Vendetta Boss. 

The single, War Mi Nuh, which uploaded by Akam Entertainment via YouTube on Thursday, received close to 5,000 views in less than 24 hours.

The track was written in response to Alkaline’s Buss Head, which was published on the artiste’s VEVO page on August 23. And the explicit version of the official audio has recorded more than one million views within two weeks.

Though Alkaline entertainer does not specifically call out Jafrass, the end of verse one of Buss Head states, “Country bwoy come a town a pretend fi killing, know him a nuh killer but him a 'pprentice. Par a town, but the bwoy deh a St. E.”

Some followers from both camps have commented that the song is a diss for Tommy Lee Sparta but the subliminal nuance that is characteristic of Alkaline’s lyrics were considered disrespectful to a country man by Jafrass, who hails the western end of the island.

However, when THE STAR contacted Alkaline’s management team to find out if there is any truth to Jafrass' notions and if Alkaline is in the process of producing a response track, they declined to make a comment.

“Alkaline need to stop hide an’ throw word and just war lyrically direct. If him a gwaan that bad him must prove him not a cub scout and come war mi, as an artiste who wants to war him,” said Jafrass, who recently racked up more than three million views for Unruly Camp, a collaboration with Popcaan and Quada.



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