Shaneika wants global buss

September 12, 2017

Cottage 9 Records artiste Shaneika Hibbert is a bubbly, effervescent singer who is seeking to shake up the music industry with her own brand of feel-good music. She recently released her debut single, 'Love it When You Like It', a saucy song laced with sexual innuendos that has forced FM radio to sit up and pay attention.

"Right now, I am just so excited at the response I am getting from the public, and the possibilities for the song when it gets picked up by the major urban stations," she said.

Born Shaneika Hibbert, she grew up in Bluefields, Westmoreland, where she attended Godfrey Stewart High in Savanna-la-Mar. In her early years, she attended the Bluefields Mount Assembly Church, where she joined the choir as a lead vocalist. Her early influences included Whitney Houston and BeyoncÈ, and in her adolescent years, she began to experiment with writing songs that embraced the essence of cultural roots life from an urban perspective.

After leaving high school, she worked as a cashier in Little London, but the siren song of music called to her.

"When you believe that you have a great talent, you have to embrace it and show it to the world," she said.

She began to work as a cabaret singer, and hosted karaoke events. After that, she landed several invites to sing at weddings. It was during one of her gigs that she met music producer Caroline St George, who fell in love with her incredible talent.

Although most of her attention is on promoting Love It When You Like It, Shaneika is also working on a collaboration with Fambo and the legendary Robbie Rivera, under his KB City label, on a song that fuses Shaneika and Fambo's Jamaican reggae/dancehall vibe with Robbie's mix of sexy house music.

"I want to touch and motivate people, and truly embrace my talent and see what I can offer the world. I am hoping that Love It When You Like It will 'blow up' globally. I am truly grateful for my talent and would like to inspire women to take good care of our men. A good man is hard to find," she said.

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