Danielle DI, Ishawna feud heats up

September 14, 2017
Danielle D.I.

Days after dancehall artiste Danielle D.I. released a diss track aimed at Ishawna, the 'Equal Rights' singer has clapped back with a diss track of her own. The song titled 'Headshot' was released on the weekend and has further escalated the lyrical war between the two artistes.

Music critics are dubbing Ishawna's song as one of the better female diss tracks they have heard by a female dancehall artiste in recent times and have heaped praises on the controversial artiste for not backing down from a lyrical confrontation.

"Anytime dem a come fi me, tell dem fi come harder cuz mi vocabulary wide, mi back broad, and mi tongue longer than fi Shebada," Ishawna said in the song's intro. "Me never intend fi pay dis gyal no mind ... hurricane season but yuh career inna drought, yuh come a mi doorstep a look handout."

In the song, Ishawna also takes jabs at D.I.'s virtue by highlighting all the men with whom she has allegedly had sexual relations from the music industry.

The song seemed to have struck a chord with D.I., who responded via social media. While making preparations for Hurricane Irma on the weekend, D.I. dubbed Ishawna's clap-back as "lame" and threatened to lyrically demolish her counterpart as soon as she weathered the storm and got back to Jamaica.


serious family crisis


When THE STAR caught up with D.I. to find out if she would be responding to Ishawna's track, her management team said the deejay is still in Miami dealing with an urgent family matter and would be expending all her energy there in the meantime.

"We can't predict the timing of life's events. The producer released the song at a time when a serious family crisis which demands her attention occurred simultaneously with Hurricane Irma," said her manager Keona Williams. "Even if she desired to respond, no studios are open for business in Miami. The city is without power, mobility, and even the airlines are not operating as normal. Let's see what she decides to do."

With the dancehall scene having been devoid of a lyrical confrontation between two female dancehall artistes in recent times, many fans are for the war, but have been urging both entertainers to keep it lyrical.

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