'No Worries' has Billboard potential

September 16, 2017
D'Angel (left) and Spice.

'No Worries', a track by the 'first Lady of Dancehall', D'Angel, and the 'Queen Of Stage', Spice, is being touted as the 'feel-good' female anthem of the year.

The song which was released earlier this year and has been receiving a huge amount of buzz, with some music industry insiders going as far as to label the track as 'Billboard potential'.

While the song is still relatively new and the Billboard Charts might seem a distant dream, Spice said making it on to the charts is definitely not impossible.

"I think it has the potential and based on the love that so many people have been expressing about the song, I think it will reach far," she said.

Spice went on to point out that she believes the unity between herself and D'Angel, as two leading females in the dancehall industry, has much to do with how well the song is doing.

"I've mastered the craft of knowing what people will love so I knew that this concept would be well received because not often you have females unite and especially doing an uplifting song," she said. "Unity is a key ingredient with this song, and that's why I think it's so loved."




The video for the track was released last Saturday and has already racked up over 70,000 views on YouTube, and has even made it on to the site's list of trending videos.

No Worries is currently in the top 10. D'Angel said the latter is as a result of the growing anticipation for the video.

"The anticipation for the video was too much; the fans couldn't wait another minute for the video to drop. The idea behind the video was to create a feel-good vibe when it's being watched and to empower women just as the song is indented," she said.

Spice said they wanted to show fans that there is much to smile about in life, no matter what the circumstances are.

"And the chemistry in the video just eases the mind of anyone who watches it. Pamputtae came on board, and she can be seen being herself and enjoying every bit of the song in the video," Spice said. "The director, Jahdean Van Gogh, captured every moment perfectly."

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