70 y-o guitarist enjoys daily sex

September 18, 2017
An earlier picture of Ronnie Wood.

R onnie Wood has sex every day. The 70-year-old rocker - who has four adult children from previous relationships and 15-month-old twins Alice and Gracie with third wife Sally - insists he has "got to" get intimate on a regular basis.

Asked how often he has sex, he said: "You've got to have that every day."

The Rolling Stones guitarist recently admitted he has been battling lung cancer, but he is doing well, though he has to have regular check-ups.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "Right now is a pretty good time in my life. I am existing on three-monthly check-ups, but, yeah, I am very grateful."

And discussing the closest he's come to death, he added: "I can dodge the bullets - I'm lucky."

Wood describes his wife as the love of his life and loves nothing more than spending time with her and their young daughters.

Asked where he'd most like to be, he said: "In The Bahamas with Sally and the twins, Gracie and Alice, who are one year and a few months. They are lovely. They sing all the time."

Meanwhile, the Stay With Me hitmaker recently admitted he doesn't want the twins to lead a "bling lifestyle".

He said: "We just want our girls to be happy and healthy. We don't want them to live any sort of bling lifestyle."

And the couple didn't go all out on building a fancy nursery for their little girls and have even been handed down a second-hand cot from his son Jesse's little boy.

He said: "We haven't got a flash nursery all done up, we've got a room in the house. We've been given Rex's [Fearne and Jesse's three-year-old son] old cot, now he's grown out of it, and we want things for them to be as normal as they can possibly be."

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