George Michael's death still a shock

September 18, 2017
George Michael

George Michael's death was a "massive shock" to his friends, because he'd been feeling "good" before his passing.

The Freedom singer passed away last Christmas Day and his friend and former backing singer Shirlie Holliman was stunned by the news.

She said: "It was a shock, a massive shock for us all, when he died. None of us were expecting it. He was good before he died, there was nothing wrong with him, so yes, it was a shock...

George was someone who I loved and who loved me very much," she said.

"I miss him and it is so sad for me, we knew each other for over 40 years and we laughed so much together and I have really special memories of him."

George's fans were offered new music from the late star, who died from natural causes, earlier this month, a track called Fantasy, which was a collaboration with Nile Rodgers, but Shirlie hasn't been able to listen to the song.

The former Pepsi and Shirlie singer told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "It makes me feel too sad. I can't. It is too sensitive for me at the moment. I will do so in time. Every day I go online and I think I will listen to it but it is very sensitive. I will do when I'm ready."

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