Stop sending guns! - Bounty Killer demands better of J'cans living overseas

September 18, 2017
Members of the joint forces with an AK-47, one of four illegal guns found in the zone of special operations in Montego Bay earlier this month.
Bounty Killer

Veteran dancehall artiste Bounty Killer has lashed out at Jamaicans living overseas who send guns back to Jamaica, following a picture circulating on social media showing several guns and rounds of ammunition claimed to have been seized at the Kingston Wharf.

It was later stated by the police that although the guns are real, they were seized in Barbados and not in Jamaica.

In a post made on his official Instagram page, the 'Warlord' uploaded a picture of the guns and ammunition and wrote. "Found at the wharf earlier today. I just want to say that all those wicked, evil Jamaicans who is living overseas working or hustling money to buy guns to send to Jamaica, unu bl**dcl**t end ago bitter."

"How much youths are here in need of food, clothes, shelter and schooling, but this is what unu contributing to the future of Jamaica," the post continued.

The entertainer went on to explain that while politicians are to be blamed for a large part of the current crime situation, the country is battling. Some Jamaicans in the Diaspora are also contributing to the strengthening of crime and violence. The 'Poor People's Governor' urged Jamaicans, particularly the ghetto youths, to open their eyes to what is happening in the country as it relates to crime, pointing out that too few people care until crime begins to directly affect them."


Crime situation


In 2016, there were 1,350 murders, 1,094 of those murdered were committed by the use of guns, while 116 were committed by the use of knives.

Statistics up to June 12 showed that 103 more murders were committed in 2017, than for the same period last year.

In late August, The Gleaner reported that 114 persons were murdered across Jamaica over a 20-day period, that's up to Saturday, August 26, an average of more than five persons per day.


Willing to talk


The photo posted by Bounty Killer has been making the rounds on social media since last Thursday. Since then, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has issued a statement clarifying where the guns and ammunition were found. The JCF confirmed the legitimacy of the photo, but said the guns and ammunition were seized in Barbados and not Jamaica.

That news did not stop social media users from heaping praises on Bounty Killer for addressing a topic they believe too few entertainers are willing to talk about.

"General, you need fi rally some artistes fi be more outspoken as you are. Everybody already know that you a di only man who have the power to make that happen," one user commented.

"We need more artistes like you Killa to come out and speak against things like these. Enough is enough," another posted.

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