Carlene defends Danielle D.I. in feud with Ishawna

September 20, 2017
Dancehall Queen Carlene
Danielle D.I.

The lyrical feud between female deejays Danielle D.I. and Ishawna has officially made it to round two. A week after Ishawna responded to Danielle D.I.'s diss track, the 'Rebel' deejay returned to deliver another lyrical lashing, accompanied by her cousin, Dancehall Queen Carlene.

Carlene was dragged into the feud last weekend when Ishawna made reference to her in her Headshot diss track. In her song, Ishawna lists all the men in the music industry D.I. has allegedly had sexual relations with including her cousin's ex-lover, Beenie Man.

Having been thrust into the midst of the battle, Carlene decided to defend her cousin's honour by lending her vocals to D.I.'s second-round diss track, titled Street Bicycle.

"This is a public service announcement. This is the original Dancehall Queen Carlene," she says in the song's intro. "Cous, please tell that b...h don't call my clean name in her filthy mouth," she continued, before D.I. steps in with verse one.

Some social media users were not pleased that Carlene decided to take up an active role in the clash, stating that as a dancehall veteran they expected better.


Unnecessary attention


Carlene, however, feels differently.

She said she did not voluntarily decide to be a part of the feud, but felt compelled to say something after Ishawna mentioned her in Headshot.

Denying claims made by the Equal Rights singer, Carlene told THE STAR that she had to clear the air, as Ishawna's name was bringing too much unnecessary attention her way.

"Ishawna called my name in her song saying that I told her something. That is just not true," she explained. "It's tracing, and in dancehall we know how these things go. But when you say certain things, especially when you call somebody's name to say they told you something, that's different. Don't say I said when I never said anything like that."

Carlene went on to state explicitly that she never had any form of communication with Ishawna, and says the entertainer's statements were fabricated.

"I never told her anything because Beenie Man never told me that. Everybody was calling me and asking if it's true that D.I. and Beenie Man f....d and that's not true. Danielle never f....d Beenie Man, and Beenie Man never f....d Danielle."

Having caught wind of what some persons have been saying about her involvement in the feud, Carlene said she could care less what haters have to say, pointing out that Danielle D.I. is family.

"Do the history, I've never been in any mix-up with anybody, but that's my blood cousin, and you stick with family," she said.

Giving her two cents on the entire feud between Ishawna and Danielle D.I., Carlene said the exchange of words has breathed fresh air into the dancehall clash culture, particularly on the female side.

"This is fun. This is our culture, and this is what happens in dancehall," she said. "This one for me is real exciting because it's two beautiful, sexy young ladies exchanging words. I don't think it will get physical because I think they both understand that it's entertainment." Ishawna has since recorded a response to potentially start round three.

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