Kartel gives plastic surgery stamp of approval

September 21, 2017
DHQ Sher
Vybz Kartel
Destiny Sparta
Lisa Hyper

A new song from incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel is said to become the new anthem for women who have undergone surgery to alter parts of their bodies.

The song, Luxury Doll, has been making the rounds on the Worldwide Web since its release earlier this month and has been creating quite a buzz as females who have gone under the knife feel it's high time someone celebrated their decision to alter their image instead of lashing out against them with harsh criticism and negativity.

Just last week, Dancehall Queen Sher uploaded a video of herself some weeks after undergoing surgery, showing off her new body with the song playing in the background as a form of stamp of approval.

Sher is the latest public figure to have come under heavy fire for altering her body. She has had to use social media to address the issue, pointing out that she wants to be the best version of herself and had been contemplating surgery for months.




Over the last year, Miss Kitty, Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett and Spice have all come under attack from the public for allegedly undergoing surgery to acquire a more voluptuous figure.

However, with the new song from Vybz Kartel giving 'luxury dolls', as he dubs them, some amount of confidence, some female entertainers believe that pretty soon, all the negativity surrounding plastic surgery will be a thing of the past.

Up-and-coming female deejay Destiny Sparta says based on the support the song has been getting in the streets, she believes it will only be a matter of time before plastic surgery isn't so taboo anymore.

"The females dem wah do dem body love the song, and I think it's a nice gesture because it allows them to feel confident about their decision," she said.

"Instead of being body-shamed, these women will feel good about themselves. Anything Kartel sing bout become gospel eventually. People will begin to look at the issue differently and will ease up on the bashing. Look pan di whole 'freaky gyal' thing. People used to go hard wid the freaky girls until Kartel say him love dem, and all of a sudden, freaky gyal nuh bad no more."

Lisa Hyper agreed.

"Vybz Kartel has always been and will be about the ladies. I guess because it's now a trend for females to do butt implants, breast implants and tummy tuck, he chose to give them a name and song just in case after they did the surgeries they still feel a little way," she said. "Look at what he did with freaky girls. When most of the other male entertainers were being of a double standard about freaky girls, Kartel seh, 'freaky gyal a dem gyal deh me love'. Same thing he's doing with Luxury Doll."

Hyper went on to state that she predicts at least 70 to 80 per cent of people who used to bash women who did plastic surgery will have a change of heart about the topic because of Kartel's song. She also added that she believes some women who were afraid of the negative backlash might just build up the courage to alter their bodies in the hopes of becoming 'luxury dolls'.

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