Ishawna has no morals - Danielle D.I. not surprised that rival drew ill mother into feud

September 22, 2017
Danielle D.I.
Danielle D.I.

Following Ishawna’s second round diss track which labels her mother as ‘half dead’, Danielle D.I. has responded to say she is not surprised at her nemesis’ blatant disrespect.

In the song, Ishawna sings, "Go take care a yuh half dead mumma, nuh you say she a battle fi life,” urging D.I. to leave the war and tend to her sick mother while she still has time.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR, Danielle D.I. said she didn’t expect any better of her counterpart, and is not shocked that she "took the low road" in Walking Dead.

“How can you expect anything better from her? Clearly she has no idea how to conduct herself as a mother,” D.I. said.

“She appeals to a low life crowd with no morals, so what can I say?”

Danielle D.I. having heard all the negative comments about her having her priorities skewed, told THE WEEKEND STAR that she has never neglected taking care of her mother, and said they both have a very strong bond.

“We (her mother and herself) have a very close relationship. She’s my best friend, she motivates me. She’s the ultimate fixer for every problem,” she said, explaining that despite her upbeat appearance, her mother’s illness has had her on an emotional rollercoaster.

“Oh my God, when I saw her first in the Intensive Care Unit, it really melted my heart. I cow-bawled. It’s the first time she’s been hospitalised, and it’s really hard.”

As far as her stepping off the battlefield and calling it quits with this feud, D.I. said she remains unsure.

“At this point any card can play. Let’s see how God directs me this time around.”

Dancehall Queen Carlene again came to her cousin’s defence, stating that D.I. and her mother share such a special bond that the entertainer has often times neglected herself to be by her mother’s side when in need.

“She’s not the doctor, but she’s been there for her mother. I don’t understand people, what is she supposed to do? Cut life off?,” she questioned.

“This is her career, her life ambition, and it has nothing to do with who she is as a daughter. Danielle spends needed time with her mother. She prays for her all the time. Her mother isn’t dead, and she not gonna die either, not anytime soon. Maybe one day, but not right now."

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