My family is doing fine - Mr Vegas refutes rumours he doesn't care for relatives

September 23, 2017
Mr Vegas

After misfortune hit his sister and niece, entertainer Mr Vegas has come under attack from social media users who have accused him of neglecting to take care of his family members.

Pictures posted to his official Instagram page of a burnt-out house that used to be his relatives' home has sparked conversation on just how much the entertainer has been there for his family over the years.

Social media users went after Vegas for allowing his relatives to live in a board house, while he enjoys the spoils of being a famous artiste.

The entertainer lashed back, highlighting that contrary to what people think, his sister and niece were very comfortable.

"Me can't listen to weh people a say, the before and after picture (of the house) are there. Me never know say board house was such a bad thing. If dem know the millions of dollar fi a board house dem wouldn't a chat. The people dem did well comfortable and have a decent home so if that's the only thing they can do is sit down and pass remarks, then that is on them," he said.

Vegas added: "If people think say everybody weh inna board house poor, well it shows you that society is lost or maybe is just Mr Vegas sister why board house become such a bad thing."

The entertainer said he doesn't need to publicise everything he does for every family member to please the public.


Don't live anywhere


"Whether me build back a board house or a concrete house is between me and God. Me nah look fi glory from man. Ninety per cent of who having a problem don't live anywhere," he said. "If I never come forward nobody wouldn't even know bout dem board house weh burn down. I never put it out there asking any help from anybody, I put it out there to help the police catch this man weh dem say burn it down."

Vegas said he is disappointed in how human beings choose to channel their focus whenever a disaster occurs.

"Wid every disaster people sit and find fault and the last thing weh dem pay attention to is the needs that people may have," he said. "I don't have time to pay these people any mind, I know how much it is to build a board house. I know what it is to have washing machine, fridge, stove and everything inna a board house."

THE STAR contacted Vegas' niece Stacy Jacob, who said the entertainer has reached out to help with the rebuilding process.

She said that while her family lost everything in the fire, she is thankful that no one was at home at the time of the incident.

She also pointed out that the incident has been reported to the Lucea police, who are carrying out investigations.

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