Boyfriend upset after seeing Ganggoolie on his woman's back

September 28, 2017
Shantel 'Thickaz' Buckley

Shantel Buckley, the woman who allowed entertainer Ganggoolie to stand on her back at a recent party, said the video has now caused problems in her relationship.

“Right now, mi boyfriend nah talk to me. I didn’t do anything bad, but him nah talk to me. Him see me do it already, and it wasn’t a problem for him, but him say da one here look very awful and disgusting,” Buckley, also known as Thickaz, told THE STAR.

She opined that her boyfriend cannot handle the negativity, but she has to face it head on in order to move on.

Buckley was thrust into the public spotlight after a video emerged of controversial dancehall artiste Ganggoolie dancing on her back. She told THE STAR that she made efforts to stop the publication of the video, but was unable to contact the videographer before it was released.

Buckley said she never expected the video to garner so much attention, and could sense that it would cause problems for her. She, however, said that she will not allow the comments to bother her, as she considers herself a confident woman and dancer, who was merely entertaining a crowd. 

“When me just start see the comments, me did feel a way, but after a while me just say, ‘wah me a feel a way bout’? I cannot be sad about what people say. Mi just ago do me thing. That was just fun and entertainment,” she said.

“People in my community a say me is a disgrace to the community, and me nuh understand why dat likkle video is a problem when other things a gwaan inna di community weh dem fi make be a problem to dem.”

In the video, the entertainer can be seen standing atop a 'big-boned' woman, as he performs his song, Boom It Up. The video lasts for a little over two minutes, and Ganggoolie uses the Buckley's back as a stage for more than half its duration.

With the video going viral, Buckley has been on the receiving end of some harsh comments. However, she is determined not to allow them to stop her beat.

“Dem talk bout Jesus Christ, so is OK fi dem talk about me. Me used to it. Dem been talking about me for years. This is just another thing that I have to deal with,” she said. “Me feed me body right, me eat properly and me look after miself.”

Buckley said she is determined to continue dancing as it has been her passion since she was 13 years old.

“I love to see dancing. I love the sound of music, and it just bring out a different atmosphere for me,” she said. “I’ve been dancing for years. People say a di first dem see a girl thick like me weh can move her body a certain way, so I will never stop dancing.”

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