'Cucumba' singer tells persons not to give up on Jamaica

September 29, 2017
Macka B

Cucumba singer Macka B is convinced that there is notning wrong with Jamaica and has urged nationals not to give up on the country.

Macka B, who did a song titled Nah Guh Back There, said it was inspired by an encounter in a grocery store in the United Kingdom.

"As me come inna the shop a man talking about violence in Jamaica, and telling people to sell him house in Jamaica, that him don't want nothing more to do with Jamaica," he said. "I started to reason with him, that you can't let a few bad people demonise Jamaica. Look at New York that used to be really violent it was going through a phase. We are going through a phase. It can be nice again."

The British reggae singer and vegan advocate, whose given name is Christopher McFarlane, has been doing a Facebook vlog, where he posts clips under the themes Medical Mondays and Wha Me Eat Wednesdays.

Throughout his career, the British reggae artiste has used his voice for positive messages rooted in social commentary. Spanning 30 years, his work made history in both the UK and Jamaica. "

I was one of the first to tour Australia. That was about the late '80s. Nuff reggae artiste never go deh yet with my kinda style," Macka B told THE WEEKEND STAR. He recalled one sensational song called Get Rid of Maggie, released in response to the Australian political climate at the time. Macka B is also noted as being the first reggae artiste to tour the territory formerly known as Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia).

Matching his penchant for social commentary, the artiste now includes ital, vegan livity in his music. Macka B is currently promoting the upcoming release of his Health Is Wealth album, scheduled for release on Friday, September 29. The album features the viral hit Cucumba, which has over 43 million views on Facebook.

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