Digicel Rising Stars semis on Sunday

September 29, 2017
Short Boss
Host Terri Karelle stands with the three semi-finalists, Touriss, Jasmine and Short Boss.

When Short Boss, Touriss, and Jasmine Barnes grace the stage for this Sunday's highly anticipated semi-final show, they will do so knowing that the dream of one of them becoming the Digicel Rising Star Winner for 2017 will disappear.

This Sunday's show will see the third-place contestant going home with J$400,000, while the remaining two will face off for the first- and second-place prizes of J$1 million and J$600,000, respectively. Additionally, the grand-prize winner will receive a J$1.5 million grant from the Digicel Foundation for a community project of his or her choice.

Jasmine Barnes, last week delivered an emotion-rich performance of Fantasia's Lose to Win before closing out with a spirited cover of India Arie's I'm Not.

And she, has a real desire to win.

"I just stopped listening to the detractors and what everyone was saying and tried to centre myself so that I could give my all in the performance. That night was a make or break night, and if it's one thing I'm certain of, it's that I want to win," said Barnes, 22, who is from Arnett Gardens in St Andrew.

Touriss, like the other competitors, has one thing on his mind.

"Digicel Rising Stars would open doors for me, and I know it will change my life. So, nothing can stop me right now," said Touriss, whose given name is Dawayne Wilson.


Premature announcement


As for Short Boss, he's not taking for granted judge Anthony Miller's premature announcement that he will win the competition. Humbled by the unexpected declaration, Short Boss says that this has just pushed him to work even harder because "anything can happen".

'This is my year to win," declared Akeem 'Short Boss' Smith, who hails from Portmore, St Catherine. "I've entered the competition many times before, but this year is just mine. I really want to win, and I'm going to give it, my all.

"I'm just thankful for all the support I've been getting, so I want to prove them right and show them that I have what it takes to win."

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