No Face Unknown pays for lifeguard classes for unsung hero

September 29, 2017
No Face Unknown

Dancehall artiste Francheno, more popularly known as No Face Unknown, believes it's never too late to help someone in need, and has offered to assist one of the 'unsung' Trench Town heroes, Kenroy Martin.

The deejay said that following news about all the heroics that led to 12-year-old Renaldo Reynolds being rescued from flood waters, he was moved and immediately started putting plans in place to offer assistance to one of the heroes.

The artiste said that having heard Martin's story, he offered to pay for lifeguard certification classes for him.

"When you give a man a fish, what happens to him when that fish is gone? You have to teach a man to fish and this young man's story inspired me because he didn't want any recognition, he just wanted a job," he said.

"As a ghetto youth, me used to be inna similar position, weh mother and father couldn't afford fi gi we certain things inna life fi we reach certain levels, and me see a youth in need so me just put a helping hand. Me nuh rich but we a try fi help people same way."

Martin is expected to benefit from a lifeguard training course, which is administered by the University of Technology.


Improve lives


"I am very grateful because not a lot of people would do this. Me really can swim and me a look forward to it (classes). I want to take this lifeguard thing seriously because me save a lot of lives and would just like to do it as a real job. I want a job in a hotel but anything me get overall, me will work wid it," Martin said.

No Face Unknown said that Jamaicans owe it to youths to provide them with ways to continue to improve their lives.

"Hype is nothing. Everybody give the young men money but the money weh dem give dem done already and dem still gonna be in the ghetto nah do nothing but siddung and waste time. Me a give him the opportunity fi become a lifeguard and den get a job and earn something and help him family," No Face Unknown said.

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