Prince Reignn: Fellow entertainers not doing enough for St Thomas

September 29, 2017

Up-and-coming dancehall artiste Orayne 'Prince Reignn' Graham has seemingly taken aim at the 'Unruly Boss', Popcaan, alleging that the artiste is not doing enough to help St Thomas communities.

In a video that has been circulating on social media since last weekend, Prince Reignn explained that ever since he hosted a back-to-school treat in his community in Bath, St Thomas, he has been bombarded with requests from people seeking help.

The deejay says although he isn't as established as some artistes, he has done a lot for his community and doesn't understand why other artistes who are more able to offer assistance cannot do the same.




"I am not complaining, I don't have a problem giving, but the thing is, there are other entertainers who are more established inna the business more than me," he said. "MI just a run, and if me can go inna my pocket and ask fi little sponsors and better my parish, then why other entertainers who are more established than me can't do something like that?"

The entertainer did not call the names of any artiste, but speculations have been rife about whether he was throwing shade at the Unruly Boss as it is no secret that Popcaan also hails from St Thomas.

In addition to Popcaan, St Thomas has produced several top-quality entertainers, among them being Bushman and Morgan Heritage.

"Mek the people dem feel good and proud of we as entertainers," he said, urging entertainers who can afford to help their communities to do just that.

The WEEKEND STAR tried to get a comment from Popcaan on whether he feels he was being singled out by the up-and-coming entertainer, but was unable to get in touch with him.

Earlier this month, Popcaan made headlines after a video of him protesting bad roads began circulating on the Internet. The deejay, whose given name is AndrÈ Sutherland, joined scores of placard-bearing residents through the town of Morant Bay in St Thomas, as they peacefully protested what they described as the deplorable condition of the roads.

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