Visionary wants crime and violence to 'Stop'

September 29, 2017

In a time when our island paradise is plagued by violence, reggae artiste Visionary has made a stand by penning a plea to the nation to 'Stop'. His soulful voice glides across the track, describing some of the wicked atrocities that have been committed, and urging everyone to live in peace and love.

Released on the timeless 'Taxi' rhythm by Sly and Robbie earlier this month, the catchy yet impactful lyrics form an appeal to the nation for murders to end.

"Sometimes we need a record, or records that speak to the soul. This is one of those sensitive topics that needs to be addressed about what's going on in Jamaica and the world right now. For these tragedies, you feel a call to action to do your part, so I created a timeless piece that can be played whenever hope is required," Visionary said.

Recorded at Studio 21, Stop was produced by Canada-based production house, Vision for Life Productions.

Thus far, there has been a whirlwind of positive vibe and feedback for the reggae crooner. Visionary has taken this track across Canada, where he is based, and the song has been gaining traction on the local market as well.

The single is set to extend its impact and make international waves as it is expected to be released in Germany, Canada and Brazil later this year.

With years of experience in the music industry under his belt, Visionary's style of music has evolved over time. He started off in gospel, but he is currently doing a variety of styles, such as lovers rock, 'conscious' reggae and R&B. Many may know him for his popular singles, such as Look To The Hills, Consider Me and Little Green Apple, a remake of a Dennis Brown classic.

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