Fergie meets with Popcaan - MP to tour St Thomas roads with Unruly Boss

September 30, 2017
Dr Fenton Ferguson
Popcaan (centre) led a protest against bad roads in St Thomas earlier this year.

Having met with Popcaan on Thursday to discuss the state of the roads in St Thomas, Member of Parliament for Eastern St Thomas Dr Fenton Ferguson said he now intends to speak with the likes of Morgan Heritage to get them to be more involved in the parish.

"I am going to eventually engage them, now that Popcaan has come forward," Ferguson said.

The meeting between Popcaan, whose given name is AndrÈ Sutherland, and Ferguson followed a recent protest in the parish which the entertainer led.




"We have been trying to get the Government's attention for a while now, and still no change. St Thomas is a parish where we don't have a lot of things, but right now, we're just asking for the road," Popcaan said at the time.

Ferguson said that he knows Morgan Heritage very well and will be seeking to pin them down for a meeting, and ''thereafter seek to bring probably all of them from St Thomas together".

The MP said that he welcomes the concerns of Popcaan and the opportunity to join with a personality that resonates with the youth to lobby for the upliftment of St Thomas. He said that during the meeting they spoke about getting more investment in St Thomas and suggested to him that he play his part.

"I put to him that as a resident, even as we invite investors to come, I am saying to him that you, as a successful artiste from St Thomas, you need to also lead the investment thing too, whether it is a small boutique, hotel, a guest house ... and he was excited about that possibility," Ferguson said.

The MP and Popcaan have agreed to tour together the areas of concern and see how best they can work for the benefit of the parish.

"I felt that as an entertainer of note it would be good for me to have a meeting with him to update him on some of the things that are to happen," Ferguson said.

Among the other outstanding Jamaican popular music performers connected with the parish are singers Tarrus Riley and Bushman.

The world's oldest active sound system, Mereritone, was started in St Thomas.

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