Dream Entertainment team joins relief efforts

October 02, 2017
Homes lay scattered after the passing of Hurricane Maria in Roseau, the capital of Dominica.
Kamal Bankay

Dream Entertainment is best known for making moves on the entertainment scene, but when persons from neighbouring Caribbean countries need assistance, they have sprang into action just the same.

Following the devastation from hurricanes Irma and Maria, the team has decided to do something to assist persons from the hurricane-ravished islands of the region. Having already donated 100 cases of water to the relief efforts being offered by Jamaica, the Dream Entertainment team is hoping to continue lending a helping hand for as long as they can.




Kamal Bankay, Dream Entertainment's director of public relations, told THE STAR that no matter how small it seemed, the team wanted to help with relief efforts. He pointed out that with Dominica being a regional partner for Dream, they could not just stand by and watch while the citizens suffer, especially when they can do something to help.

"When catastrophe strikes, you help however and whenever you can," he said. "We are all brothers and sisters in the Caribbean, and Dominica being a regional partner, we should all make some effort, however small. We sent 100 cases of bottled water, and we are donating publicly in the hope that it will inspire others to do the same."

Bankay said the supplies were aggregated with other goods being donated from across the country and sent to Quality Inc, 258 Spanish Town Road, to be distributed to countries in need.

He is urging all Jamaicans to join in the relief efforts, reiterating that no matter how small the donation may be, it will make a difference when all is said and done. Bankay said his team is hoping to do more as time progresses, and they are looking forward to helping to relieve some of the pain residents in the affected countries are feeling.

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