Short Boss, Touriss step up campaigning for Rising Star crown

October 03, 2017
Short Boss

With this being the final week for voting, the two remaining contenders in the Digicel Rising Stars competition say it will be non-stop campaigning as they seek to secure the top spot for themselves.

Akeem ‘Short Boss’ Smith said that he is kicking things up a notch with his weekly Karaoke ‘vote-raiser’ event dubbed Short Boss Tuesdays.  With admission being a minimum of a $108 Digicel phone card or a cash donation, Smith is hoping to attract more than the 200 supporters who normally come out and join him every Tuesday nights in Portmore, St. Catherine. 

In addition to his own Tuesday-night event, Short Boss said his campaign thus far has seen him visiting different karaoke joint in Portmore and Kingston, every night of the week, to secure votes and donations of cash or credit.

“I can’t just sit around and hope that people will vote for me,” said the 23-year old.  “Sure, people will like you and say they support you, but sometimes they don’t have the time to vote, or they don’t know how.  So, they’ll be quicker to give you a phone card or cash to show their support for you and I appreciate that because they don’t have to.  This is my dream and I’m asking them for help to make it come through, so I have to go out in the streets, meet them, talk to them, sing for them if they want to hear me live, and just show them that I deserve this.”

Similarly, Dawayne ‘Touriss’ Wilson, who is from Cross Keys in Manchester, is confident that he has what it takes to be the next Rising Star. He too is using the next few days to secure as many votes as he can. With his devoted mother, Marsha Wright, at the helm of his campaign, Touriss said he hand his team will continue to walk the streets of Mandeville and Junction, seeking votes.

“I just have to go extra hard this week,” said 19-year old Wilson. “I’ve been visiting schools in the parish and my friends and I walk the entire town and all the communities in Manchester so that people can see me. I can meet and sing for them and they can contribute to my campaign.  My mom has been my strongest supporter from the very start and when people meet me and get to know me and my talent, I know they’re inspired to vote for me and help me to achieve this.  That’s what’s brought me this far and I hope the same will happen at the finals.

The finals, which will be held on Sunday, October 8, will see the grand prize winner walking away with a J$1.5 million cash prize and a J$1.5 million grant from the Digicel Foundation for a community project of their choice, while the runner up will receive a cash prize of J$600,000.  Voting closes at 6 p.m. on Sunday night.


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