Influence annoyed by 'Paparazzi'

October 04, 2017
Recording artiste Influence

Reggae singer Influence is perturbed by a new phenomenon in Jamaica, where people are more interested in generating likes or comments from photos and videos on social media than actually helping another human being in danger or distress.

"It's very disturbing on a basic human level. I was travelling home from St Ann after a stage show and I saw an accident, and mi stop and mi see people gather round and a tek picture and video before dem help the lady. Mi did haffi start cuss, Rasta," Influence said.

Upset, he recorded a single called Paparazzi (A Picture Dem A Tek) for DJ Frass Records. The song was released in July 16.

Influence reasoned that this initial instinct to snap photos and share them with the world after seeing someone drunk, asleep or doing something embarrassing, isn't at all uncommon.

"Is a bystander effect. Everybody a watch. As the song say, a picture dem a tek. Even if dem a go help, a muss after dem tek a picture fi Twitter fi retweets or laughs or after dem record a video fi put pon YouTube so dem can earn offa it. So is an economic or a fame ting, people lose dem humanity," he said.

Influential will also be shooting a video for the song, which he says has ignited the imagination of the people.

"Everywhere mi go, people shout, 'A bere picture dem a tek', when dem see me. Dem love it, because it is true. Everybody turn paparazzi, fi real. Dem worship technology and social media. Dem see tragedy as an opportunity to mek money like the paparazzi dem," he said.

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