New comedians emerging at Comedy Bar

October 04, 2017
File Christopher 'Johnny' Daley

The successful Johnny Live Comedy Bar series, now in its third season, is being staged weekly on a Tuesday nights at 100 Hope Road in Kingston until October 31.

The series has garnered a huge following since the first staging in Portmore.

"The support from Kingston has been overwhelming. I want to big up the audience because it could not have been a success without them. People enjoy laughter and comedy, which is what the comedy bar stands for. We take pride in providing a safe, classy, fun and mature environment where people feel free to express themselves," Christopher 'Johnny' Daley, the series owner, shared.

The weekly show has also created an environment for comedians to showcase their talent and work on their craft, especially young comedians who participate in the weekly open mic segment.

Daley has taken a few under his wings and is now officially coaching them. Daley has over 20 years of experience on stage.

Among these new acts is recording artiste and producer Alex, formerly of T.O.K. He has shown interest and has been actively engaged in the series.

He even won a cash prize of $5,000, which is provided weekly in the fun open mic segment.

Another young act being assisted by Daley is John Luc. There has also been an interjection of female energy with actress and comedian Malika Bryce from Montego Bay

"Comedy should be injected into our television shows, commercials and into the homes of all Jamaicans, because there is room for it to grow," said Daley.

Daley, now a brand ambassador for Bigga Jamaica and their Bigga Socially Aware Share With Care campaign, is helping young people to be more aware and informed about the ills of overexposure on social media.

The comedian is encouraging children in various schools to post and share responsibly while addressing issues of cyberbullying and 'sexting'.

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