Spiritual impresses with reggae offerings

October 06, 2017

Reggae crusader Spiritual continues to impress with his roots reggae offerings. His latest single, Reggae Music, which was released on September 29, was produced by Oufah Music.

"Reggae Music is a musical bible, and this is my verse," said the Allman Town-based Spiritual.

"I am a healer, and reggae music is my instrument to use for the healing of the nation. In the words of Bob Marley, 'when the music hits you feel no pain', so my aim is to bring forth love to reggae music and lovers of reggae worldwide," he added.

In February, Spiritual's debut album, Awakening, was released by Oufah Music/VP Records. The 14-track set has received creditable reviews globally from websites and print media.

"The reviews about the album have been great and satisfying. I feel pleased to know that we were able to bring forth a project that is a great contribution to the new age reggae revolution," Spiritual said.

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