Fifth time's the charm - Perseverance finally pays off for Short Boss

October 10, 2017
Short Boss
Show me the money! Short Boss holds his cheque after being named season 14 winner.
Short Boss performs with Donica Dennis at the season 14 final show.

Now he can bask in winnings Season 14 of 'Digicel's Rising Stars', but this year was Short Boss' fifth time competing.

He told THE STAR that each rejection was taken as a learning experience, and applying those lessons is what paid off.

"Every year was a lesson, so I just picked up on every learning experience and come back bigger and better each year, and I'm finally here. I'm feeling great. I just don't know how to explain it, but I feel really good, you know. This is my fifth try. Hard work, perseverance drive you a long way. Determination," Short Boss said.

For his philanthropic J$1.5million project funded by Digicel Foundation, the newest winner will, like Elton Earlington, move to improve on the infrastructure of a school in Portmore, where he now lives.

"It's a little basic school in Braeton Phase 3. It needs to be expanded. The classrooms are too small. It just needs a lot of work, and that's my aim right now. I'm gonna get my kids and my community a new school and let them enjoy and be comfortable," he said.




Born in St Ann and raised in Spanish Town, the aspiring recording artiste had the continuous support of his family and friends through every attempt.

"No one ever discouraged me from entering. They always behind me one hundred per cent. Even when I am discouraged, they are always there," he said. "That was very important to me because I realised that people really love me, and I have people depending on me, so I can't let them down."

Despite being his fifth attempt, Short Boss said he wasn't focused on the win throughout the competition "because everyone was just like a family".

"We just gained love for each other. We live like a family. I don't know for anybody else, but I wasn't focused on the win," he said. "My focus was distracted towards treating people like a family, being real to people, living with people differences, and stuff like that. When it's down to the wire now, I started focusing on the win."

Now, Short Boss hopes to focus on the development of his musical career. He looks at past winners Romain Virgo and Chris Martin.

The Season 14 winner believes their rise to fame was assisted but not propelled by the Rising Stars platform.

"I wouldn't say 'Digicel Rising Stars' is the problem. It's the contestants and how they approach their whole career after this. There's always pressure for good things. I'm an explorer, so let's see what's out there for me," he said.

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