J.R. Blessington tells people to have 'Hope'

October 10, 2017
J.R. Blessington

J.R. Blessington's latest promotional effort is a 12-track EP simply titled Hope.

Blessington, who is currently based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a Jamaican singer who got his start playing drums and singing in church. Since then he has moved on to create artful, conscious works.

The Hope EP is a follow-up to his debut album Son of the Soil, which was released in 2014.

The EP was inspired by a desire to let mankind know that whatever challenges that they are faced with, there is always hope.

"With what's going on in the world today, especially in the land of love, Jamaica, this album has substance to feed our nation and help us to get back together in unity. People should endeavour to walk the streets showing their smiles, inciting hope," he said.

Some of the tracks featured on the EP include Help The Poor, Bright, Woman At Home, If Love and No Racial War.

There is an a cappella track, His Majesty. A music video for the first track, Bright, is expected to be released this month.

So far, the EP has been well received and has been getting plays across the world in places such as Africa, Hawaii, US and, of course, here in the Caribbean.

Blessington said the overwhelming response was completely unexpected, but at the same time, he is elated.

"It's not a typical roots album; the versatile, real-life, in-your-face truth comes across powerfully," he explained.

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