Matterhorn set to release 'DNA'

October 10, 2017

With the buzz the Jazmine Rice rhythm has been receiving, things are about to get stirred up a bit more with the release of Tony Matterhornís single, DNA.

Known as a recording artiste, selector and producer, Matterhorn found himself at the centre of attention following the results of a paternity test which proved he is not the father of one of his children.

Matterhorn penned the song to express his feelings about the situation. It is set to be released on the MV Music imprint.

"The DNA was done and the results came in, but that will not stop me from being a part of the child's life. I will not allow a child to suffer because of her mother's actions, I will be there for her. I'm not the first, I won't be the last.

 "The song is aimed at the females who feel it is respectable to be with multiple men, to the point where they don't know who got them pregnant," said Matterhorn on Instagram after the results.

He expressed that he was taken to court for child support and this triggered his suspicions that the mother just needed extra money for her personal needs.
With his suspicions awoken, he demanded that a DNA test be done before he issued out any additional child support payments.

The Jazmine Rice compilation also features Shenseea alongside Chris Martin - For You Only; Delly Ranx - Nuh Tek Styling; Khago - Wake Me Up; Mr Vegas - Self Respect and Up Top; Natel - Good Up; and Nyana (of Brick and Lace) - Buss A Dance.

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